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Artists in Residence Programs

Theatre Prospero offers Artists in Residence Programs to schools across Alberta!

We are now accepting bookings for in-person and virtual residencies for the 2023/2024 school year!

Learn more about our program below.

Our professional artists visit your school and mentor your students in a variety of artistic disciplines. 

This can include acting, dancing, directing, storytelling, shadow puppetry, Shakespeare, mythic theatre... the possibilities are endless!

Our residencies are usually 1-2 weeks in length. 

At the end of the residency, your students present their work to the community!

What is our Artists in Residence Program?

The cost of our residencies are dependant on a variety of factors, the length of the residency, how many artists are involved, and the location of your school.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provides funding support to Alberta schools through their "Artists and Education" program, which covers up to 50 - 75% of our fee!

The applications for residencies occurring in the 2023/2024 school year are due on May 1st, 2023.

Theatre Prospero would be more than happy to assist you with the application process. Please email us to get started!

What is the cost of a Residency program?

What is the impact of Arts education?

Over and over, we have seen students who do not shine in academics or athletics amaze themselves and their peers by excelling in the arts, whether by acting onstage, writing a play, designing an aspect of the show... the list goes on!


Many theatre professionals got their start in our residencies because they got the chance that every child should have: to be involved in the creation of a theatre production.

Students learn teamwork, discipline, commitment, and they learn to share, communicate, and listen better. Perhaps most importantly, the youth who may have forgotten how get to play again.

 To get started, you can fill out our Artists in Residence Questionnaire and we can start a conversation.


Feel free to contact our Outreach Coordinator at

They will guide you through the process of booking a residency and can answer any questions you may have. 


about our Artists in Residence Program

All actors were professional and interacted well with the students. I was very impressed, as the music/drama teacher at the school.

The students that get involved in this process soon catch the acting bug and become very passionate contributors to the play. The community members that volunteer time in helping us or just show up to watch the final performance are amazed by the level of professionalism our students accomplished.

Theatre Prospero allows the students to see what is behind the curtain back stage. It allows the students to get immersed in the energy and hard work involved in producing a live play.

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