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What is an
Artist Workshop?

Our Artist Workshops are very similar to our Artists in Residence program, in that our professional artists will visit your school (in-person or virtually) and mentor your students in a variety of artistic disciplines.

Artist Workshops are meant to be a shorter, cheaper alternative to a Residency, generally a 1/2 day or full day, with the potential for multi-day workshops as well. 

We offer Artist Workshops in Shakespeare & Acting, Design, Puppetry, Voice & Movement, and Playwriting.  

Price for in-person Artist Workshops

(one artist, within a 90 minute drive from our office)

1/2 day workshop:                 $250

Full day workshop:                $400

Multi-day workshop:             Open to negotiation

Workshops that require more than one artist and that are further from our office will cost more.

The price for a virtual Artist Workshop is open to negotiation.

What is the cost of an Artist Workshop?

What's Offered?

Below you will see the different Artist Workshops we currently offer, along with some examples of the program elements that may be included. Each Artist Workshop can be tailored specifically for your school/class, and can include what your students would most like to learn!

& Acting

  • Warm-up / Theatre games

  • Theatre history

  • The language of Shakespeare

  • Scene study

  • Rehearsals

  • Performance

Express passionate language


How to do more with less

  • Tell stories with design elements 

  • Lighting

  • Costume

  • Set

  • Sound

  • Projection


  • Learn different puppet styles 

  • Build puppets

  • Make your puppets:

Bring your characters to life

- Breathe        - Speak

- Move           - Interact

- Look            - Play

Voice &

  • Warm-up / Theatre games

  • Anatomy Lesson

  • Vocal / Movement Exercises

  • Scene selection

  • Rehearsals

  • Performance

Be seen and heard

  • Lessons on:


- Structure      - Action

- Plot              - Dialogue

- Conflict       - Objectives

Shape your story for the stage

  • Playwriting exercises

  • Write a short play

  • Read & share work

  • Guided feedback sessions

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