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Enchanted Antlers

Don't moose out!

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About the


Playwright and Performer Jennifer Spencer (Elk) first came up with the idea for Enchanted Antlers in 2018. Jennifer wanted to create a festive play that celebrates inclusivity and diversity, and which playfully honours the universal impulse to come together and share stories.

The play first began with three characters: Elk, Moose (Kiki Twinn), and Deer (Jerrica Singh). At the time, Kiki and Jerrica were both students in Jennifer's Theatre Arts class at MacEwan University. The story revolved around these three characters celebrating All Ungulates Eve, a night on which Ungulates (creatures with hooves) come together to share stories, warmth, and food, to stot under the stars, contemplate lights in the sky, and look ahead through

the trees. Over the years, Enchanted Antlers has grown

to include more characters: Beaver (Emily Vilcsak),

Bear (Sam Twinn), and Pronghorn (Julie Golosky). 



The Yule Ave Festival hosted a Staged Reading of the Enchanted Antlers in 2018. Theatre Prospero Premiered the production to Edmonton Schools in December 2019. The production then went on to perform at the 2019 Yule Ave Festival.

In 2020, the production pivoted to an online format and toured virtually for schools in the Edmonton area. In December 2021-2023 the production was live-streamed to upwards of 17,500 students across Alberta and Canada

2018: Inaugural Enchanted Antlers Staged Reading

2019: Enchanted Antlers II: All Ungulates Eve

2020: Enchanted Antlers III: Ungulates News Network

2021: Enchanted Antlers IV: The Fast and the Furry:Us

2022: Enchanted Antlers V: The Great Itch

2023: Enchanted Antlers VI: Furget Me Knot

About Playwright/Performer

jennifer spencer

Jennifer Spencer is an Edmonton based Actor, Director, Playwright,  Voice/Text Coach. She is a mulitple Sterling nominee for her work, not only as an actor but for her work as a director, playwright. She is the adpator and director of the wildly succesful Maggie-Now Cycle of Plays.  Jennifer is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, and the Theatre Arts Program of MacEwan University.  Her first article Performance Arts Training in the Era of #metoo won Forum Article of the Year from the Voice And Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) in 2019.

Jennifer is a sessional member of the faculty of the Theatre Arts Program of the Theatre Department of MacEwan University, where, in 2019, she was nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Award.  She also teaches at the Foote Theatre School at the Citadel Theatre and for St.Alberts Childrens Theatre School, while maintaining a small roster of private voice clients. 

Jennifer’s most recent credits include playing Holly in The Myth of the Ostrich for Praise Doris Productions, Agnes in One Polaroid for Vanhehir Productions, and Medea in Tom Paulin’s Medea at The Serca Festival of Irish Theatre and The Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Theatre.

She also wrote and directed, Finn McCool And The Salmon Of Wisdom And Other Ticklish Tales which played to sold out houses at The Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Theatre in 2016. She also directed Anthem of Life a Traditional Zulu Creation story adapted by Tololwa Mollel which  integrated Classical East Indian Dance and Music, for The Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Theatre.

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The Enchanted Antlers Website is an online hub for the Enchanted Antlers universe. The website contains interactive, fun activities, information about each of the creatures, bonus video footage, and will eventually house recordings of each Enchanted Antlers production! 

The website will continue to be updated over time and will continuously host new content! 


The team

Creator/Playwright/Director/Elk: Jennifer Spencer

Moose/Antlers Design/Costume Design: Kiki Twinn

Deer: Jerrica Singh

Beaver: Emily Vilcsak

Bear: Sam Twinn

Pronghorn & Songs/Lyrics (2021-2023): Julie Golosky

Set & Props Design (2021-2032): Madeline Blondal

Lighting, Graphics & Background Design: Ami Farrow 

Audio & Music Production (2021 & 2022): Brian Raine

Director of Photography & Editor: Shreela Chakrabartty

Cinematography & Camera Operator (2020 & 2021): Karlie Christie

Cinematography, Camera Operator & Editor (2022): Idelin Almalexia

Stot Under the Stars With Us!

sound on!

Featuring Jennifer Spencer (Elk), Julie Golosky (Pronghorn), and Jerrica Singh (Deer)

Music by Brian Raine | Choreography by Kathy Ochoa | Cinematography & Editing by Idelina Almalexia

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