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2020 Season Highlights

Urashima Taro 2020

Written by Tololwa Mollel
Directed by Maralyn Ryan

Puppets designed by Randall Fraser 

Highlight from Urashima Taro - The Dragon Kingdom under the sea and the paintings of the seasons, 0ur school tour show in 2020. 

Midsummer Nights dream 2019

Director: Danielle LaRose

Production Designer: FengYi JiangStage 

Featuring: Chris Pereira, Hannah Zacharko, Jarrod Smith, Lauren Hughes, Leila Raye-Crofton and Vina Nguyen

Highlight from Midsummer Nights Dream 2019, our (last/most recent) live in-person school tour!

Enchanted Antlers 2020

Created and performed by Jennifer Spencer, Kiki Twinn, Sam Twinn, Emily Vilcsak and Jeshlyn Singh.

Highlight from Enchanted Antlers 2020, one of our school tour shows.