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Artist in Residence

Book us for an Artist in Residence program for the 2022/2023 school year!

We offer in-person and virtual residencies to schools across Canada!


These residencies can range from 1 day - 3 weeks. 

Our professional artists visit your school and mentor your students in a variety of artistic disciplines... shadow puppetry, storytelling, Shakespeare, mythic theatre... 

We will work closely with you to discover the best project for your students. 


At the end of the residency, your students present their work to your community!


The Artists and Education grant can cover 50-75% of our fee!

We collaborate with you to put in the application before the May 2nd, 2022 deadline. 

You can email us at for more information



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The Creature in the Dark

Join Salmon as they leave their home in search of a mysterious Creature in the dark. 

In-person and virtual performances in May/June, 2022 and during the 2022/2023 school year!

Learn all about shadow puppetry in workshops with our artists!

Want to learn more about this stunning production?

Feedback from teachers who watched the show in February, 2022:

"I highly recommend booking it, it led to great discussions in our classes."

"We'd just love to see the presentation in person once we can! The students were fascinated by the little glimpses of the puppeteers during transitions to see what was actually making the characters move."

We offer Artist in Residence programs on shadow puppetry!

Enchanted Antlers

2022 will bring the 5th iteration of this holiday play to your screens! 

to learn more about the wonderful world of Enchanted Antlers!

Written by Edmonton playwright/performer Jennifer Spencer, this heartwarming production will bring smiles and laughs to young and old.

Feedback from teachers who watched the show in December, 2021:

"It is fun and age appropriate with a positive message."

"The comedy was excellent!"

We offer Artist in Residence programs on telling your own stories in nature!

Anthem of Life

Part 1 of Anthem of Life began

as a workshop production in 2017.

2022/2023 will see a new iteration of Part 1, followed in subsequent years by Parts 2 and 3.

Audiences young and old will be captivated and awed by the fluid mixture of African-style storytelling, Odissi dance and Odissi-inspired movement, live Hindustani music, choral speech, and animation of large-scale Zulu-style God-masks and creatures!

to read more about Tololwa Mollel and his process in creating Anthem of Life.

We offer Artist in Residence programs on mythic theatre and Shakespeare!